A Reflection of My Social Media Experience


Ah, social media! Don’t we all just love it? Nowadays it has become one of the primary ways to communicate and network with each other. When I attend a function or gathering, the question is no longer “What’s your telephone number/email address?” But now its “Do you have a Facebook, what’s your Instagram name, or Are you on Twitter?” I have personally become absorbed in social media and started my social networking journey with Facebook back in 2006 when I started college. At first Facebook was just for the college community but once they opened it for all networks, I got to reconnect with distant family members and old friends.  After Facebook, I joined Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  I love being able to connect and share opinions, thoughts and photos with my friends and peers. It’s a great way to express yourself as well as meet new people.

I recall creating my personal Twitter in 2009 and not really knowing what Twitter was yet. All I knew is that it was the new “in thing” and a lot of celebrities were using it. It took me a couple months to get the real hang of “tweeting” from learning about followers to “hash tags and trending topics” and once I got into it, #iwashooked! The limit of expression in just 140 characters was the key and initial challenge to Twitter and I like that it’s a constant stream on ongoing communication.  It started with everyone I followed tweeting their current locations and activities, now twitter is used as a way of learning new information about different subjects, a source current news, what’s happening with favorite celebrities, new styles and trends, new music and etc.


Using digital media in an online class will make learning more exciting and hands on. It’s a way for us to learn more about our classmates by using technology that we are already familiar with for the most part.  We get a chance to be more creative with our assignments and it introduces us to a non-traditional way of sharing our thoughts and opinions on the different readings. This blog post is my first assignment for my graduate class, and I had fun creating it! Even though I read blogs all the time, I never thought about the time and effort it takes to create a informative, attractive, and fun one. I will be updating and making changes to my blog as I learn more about the site!

*http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Social-media-for-public-relations1.jpg; From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository*



5 thoughts on “A Reflection of My Social Media Experience

  1. This is a super first post for the course! I am happy you have incorporated “art” to enhance your text. your treatment of the topic is just right: in depth and pithy. I look forward to more!

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