Getting to know Nicole Hunt and Kim Madrigal

One of my assignments this week was to do an interview via Skype with one of my fellow classmates. I had fun conducting not one but two interviews and I had interesting conversations with Nicole and Kim! I am presenting the format for each interview differently. I did third person for Kim’s interview and Q&A with Nicole. Meet them both below!
My Skype Interview with Kim.
My Skype Interview with Kim.

Kim’s favorite quote is “Short term money doesn’t make for long-term success” and this is  a value that she has instilled in her children. She has 4 kids: one that lives n Ohio, one in Texas, one in the Marines and one at home.

I asked Kim if she was on a deserted island what would be 2 necessities she would bring?She had very practical answers of sunscreen and a pot to boil water in.

Kim has been teaching for college 6 years. She has already obtained her Masters in Liberal Studies. She was an executive director for a non profit and was teaching part time until full time became available. RIght now Kim is an associate professor at Sandhills Community College in North Carolina and teaches Humanities. She has to acquire 18 hours in this graduate program to teach Communication but she will complete the whole program. She also uses the information she learns into her own class that she teaches because humanities and communication complement each other.

Kim and I share the same interest of traveling. She asked me if I could do anything in the world without limitations, what would I do?  I told her I would travel the world. One of my dreams is to travel to Paris in the near future.  Kim and her husband take a trip every two years. Their most recent trip was a Russia Scandinavian cruise, where they traveled to Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Amsterdam.  Very interesting, right! Kim told me I would be a great communication instructor and gave me some tips on getting my foot in the door with teaching. Hmm, definitely something to think about, thanks Kim!

My Skype Interview with Nicole.
My Skype Interview with Nicole.
Name: Nicole Hunt
Age: 27

What made you decide to return to school for your Master’s degree?  “I had been avoiding it for the longest, but now I have a lot of extra time because I lost my job in February.”

Where did you work?   “AT&T for 4 years. At first I was in a Managerial position then moved to Sales which could be challenging at times.”

Where do you live?  “Born and raised in Charlotte, NC.”

Have you ever lived anywhere else?  “Florida for a internship 6 months after undergrad.”

What field did you get your undergraduate degree in?  “Communication.”

How are you liking the online graduate program so far?  “I like it. Its a lot of work but its interesting. Didn’t know how I would feel at first with peers reading our assignments and interacting via media.”

We both agreed that an online graduate program will require hard work , great time management skills and strong focus, but it will surely be worth it!


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