“Equipment for Living”


What movies can you think of that have made an impact on your life or provided you with values that you adapt in real life?  I chose the movie “The Butterfly Effect”. In the movie the main character, played by Ashton Kutcher, goes back in time using his journal to change his future. Every time he goes back, he makes a different decision in his life which alters the course of his future for the worse. The moral of the movie is that every decision we make affects our future and living in the past and looking backwards can have detrimental effects to our life.  This applies to the saying that I live by: “Everything happens for a reason”.

“The Butterfly Effect” provides equipment for living  for those who live in the past.


6 thoughts on ““Equipment for Living”

  1. that was a very interesting delivery look at that movie. thank you very much Ms.Cyndney. And yes everything and decisions that we make affect our lives and others life also It is just like throwing a pebble in the water It has a ripple effect it makes waves.

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