Inauthentic Role


For this week’s assignment we were asked to create a character with an inauthentic role (not of the same gender, age , occupation or social status) to run for a campaign.  For my inauthentic role, I created a character that is a 21 year old male college senior that is running for Homecoming King for a fictional university. This role differs from me in multiple aspects including age and gender.

In creating my script, I primarily used the theory of identity. Because the nature of the campaign is more of a popularity contest, my character will be judged more so by “who he is” referring to his personality and reputation. The voters’ perception of him and whether he is “well-liked” by the audience will be the determining factor of winning the campaign.

My character is a popular, outgoing person who has extravert and agreeableness traits, making him a great candidate for a Homecoming King campaign. While this character differs from me based on identity, we share similar traits such as the extraversion trait. I am also a confident person but I vary from being introvert to extravert depending on the audience that I am around.

Before completing my video, I didn’t think I would feel that awkward or out of my element playing an inauthentic role as I did. This made me come to the realization that I generally don’t go outside the box or my comfort zone when it comes to appearance or behaviors. By portraying a male character , this assignment helped me understand how true I am to myself. I didn’t feel as comfortable as I would have playing a female character for sure!

Check out the campaign speech below!


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